Our Policies

Food Safety & Allergens

Food safety and good hygiene is of huge importance to us. We, with the help of NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association), have created an in depth Food Safety Management System (FSMS) that has resulted in our 5 star food hygiene rating. Information relating to allergies is available constantly from our staff working on the truck. Due to our constant tailoring of our menus and purchasing only raw ingredients allows to definitively state the allergens contained within our menu items. Together with our FSMS we minimise the danger posed by allergens to our customers.

Our food safety risk assessment and allergy policy is available for download below.

Terms and Conditions

All of the events we attend, both public and private, are subject to our terms and conditions. They are intended to safeguard both ourselves and our clients.

If you are planning on a private event, such as a wedding or private party (i.e. any event that is not open to the general public), then it will be subject to our Private event terms and conditions (left).

Public events, such as food festivals or local fêtes (i.e. any event that is open to the general public), are subject to our Public event terms and conditions. (Left)

Should you decide to book your event with El Comenzal, know that your personal data is secure with us. This is due to the fact that we strictly follow a data protection policy (Left)